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  • Sunday swim time for #maxthedog! On the hunt for his ball! :)
  • Introducing guilt free Raw Chocolate Fudge and the incredibly inspiring @susanjanekitchen over on my youtube channel this morning! Link in profile! :)
  • It's the weekend! Which means it's #maxthedog time- have a great weekend folks! It's getting brighter everyday! :)
  • Bloomin' beautiful kale chips up on my youtube channel! Give them a go this weekend- highly addictive! :) (link in profile- subscribe!)
  • #tbt to cooking on NBC's The Today Show in NYC for St. Paddy's Day! :)
  • How to make spicy kale chips on my youtube channel today- check them out link in profile! :)
  • It's breakfast time baby! Check out myself and @thehappypearfood lads cooking up some epic buckwheat pancakes on my youtube channel! Link in profile- have a great Tuesday! :)
  • Burren Smoked Salmon Quiche @pepperpotcafe for lunch! Delicious as always! :)
  • Beat the Monday blues with a slice of Orange Polenta Cake. And guess what... It's GLUTEN FREE! :)
  • Family Sunday lunch today: White wine chicken with salad and greens! :)
  • All about the healthy pancakes this morning on my youtube channel with the lads from @thehappypearfood! Head over and check them out- link in my profile! :)
  • Salmon & Avocado Salad for lunch AKA fridge clean out salad! :)
  • Sweet morning walk with The Swede and The Hound! #howth #ireland
  • Supporting the Pussycat Dolls with my band Industry- Summer 09' #tbt! @michelemcgrath @leehuttonswingsinger @morgandeane @jameshylandgtc @thetinyisland
  • Blueberry chia seed muffins going down a storm over on youtube! Link in profile- here's a little taster! :)
  • Swim time for Max! #maxthedog
  • Spicy kale chips just out of the oven! Video recipe coming up next week! :)
  • Blueberry and Chia Seed Muffins up on my youtube channel! Head over and subscribe- link in my profile! :)
  • Most kick ass soft shell crab at #Shibumi in Stockholm this eve with @ringart! Bloomin' delish! :)
  • Today I had to film #mittkök all by myself- these Swedish guys are such slackers: @ringart @partydjuret!
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Apple & Ginger Chutney

IMAGE Apple & Ginger Chutney
Apple and Ginger are a match made in heaven and go wonderfully together in this chutney. Transfer the chutney into jars, label them and they make wonderful homemade gifts.  The chutney is great with leftover Christmas ham.

Makes approx 4 jars of chutney
1kg of cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped
40g of fresh ginger, peeled and minced
3 medium onions, peeled and finely chopped
350g dark brown sugar
250ml of cider vinegar
250g raisins

Place all the ingredients into a large stainless steel pot, cook at a steady simmer over a medium high heat for about 45 minutes, stirring every now and then so it doesn’t catch on the bottom of the pot. Transfer the chutney into sterilised jars and seal while still hot. Stored like this in a cold dark place, they should last for at least one year.

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Irish Atlantic Sea Salt Caramels

IMAGE Salted Caramel
Homemade caramels are the ideal edible gift at Christmas time. These ones have a sprinkle of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt which balances and intensifies the caramel flavour. They set to a soft chewy consistency making them fairly irresistible.

Makes 30 caramels
175ml double cream
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
60g butter
2 teaspoons of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt
250g granulated sugar
160g golden syrup

Grease a baking tin (22cm x 15cm) with a little butter and line with parchment paper. Place the cream, vanilla extract and half the butter in a small sauce pan over a medium high heat. Bring to a steady boil and then remove from the heat and set aside. In a medium-sized sauce pan, heat the sugar and golden syrup over a medium high heat. Mix together with a wooden spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved. Continue to cook until the mixture reaches 155°C on a sugar thermometer. Remove the pan from the heat and stir through the cream mixture. Place the pan back on the heat and continue to cook until the mixture reaches 127°C. Stir through the remaining butter until completely incorporated. Transfer the mixture to the prepared baking tin and sprinkle evenly all over the top with sea salt. Allow to cool completely before slicing into individual caramels with a knife dipped in boiling water (this allows it to slice without sticking). Wrap each one with parchment paper and they will keep in an airtight container for up to one month.

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Edible Christmas Gift Basket!

Baking and Christmas always went hand in hand when I was growing up and I used to love spending the weekends before the big day baking cookies and sweet treats!  They always made great little presents for anyone who called to the house.  There are a few recipes which I make every year without fail and they make great edible gifts.  Cookies, Jam, Paté, Muffins, Truffles and Biscotti all keep well and are perfect to package up as pressies.  You channel your inner Blue Peter and make up tags, ribbons, and personalised stickers to make your gifts look really unique.

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