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  • Beautiful day out there! Just back from doing the full cliff walk in #Howth with Max! Proper dose of vitamin D! :) #ireland
  • My 3 favourite smoothies up on youtube this week! Have you checked them out? Here's a little taster video- watch the full one on my channel, link in profile! Hope you're having a brill weekend! :)
  • So officially I'm officially a spiralizer fan! Totally aware it's a complete gadget but look how cool this crunchy Thai cucumber carrot and mint salad turned out! So tasty! :)
  • Super green broccoli soup for lunch today! :)
  • Apple, cinnamon, honey and toasted pecan porridge with a little almond milk moat for breakfast this morn! Possibly my favourite way of eating oats! :)
  • Ultimate leftover fried rice for lunch today! Coming up on the youtube channel in a few weeks! :)
  • So apparently today is #ChocolateCakeDay- would be rude not to sure this amazeballs Millionaire Chocolate Gold-dust Cake! Who wants a slice? :)
  • Max is on youtube! To watch the full video check out my channel- link in profile! RUFF! 🐶
  • So Max has been keeping the bed warm! 🐶
  • Griddled baby gem, with roast cauliflower and brussels sprouts, red pesto and halloumi chips for lunch! Basically another fridge clear out- but bloomin' delish! :)
  • Healthy Chocolate Fudge with @susanjanekitchen on my youtube channel! Can't remember what was so funny but needless to say we had a good time! :)
  • Sunday swim time for #maxthedog! On the hunt for his ball! :)
  • Introducing guilt free Raw Chocolate Fudge and the incredibly inspiring @susanjanekitchen over on my youtube channel this morning! Link in profile! :)
  • It's the weekend! Which means it's #maxthedog time- have a great weekend folks! It's getting brighter everyday! :)
  • Bloomin' beautiful kale chips up on my youtube channel! Give them a go this weekend- highly addictive! :) (link in profile- subscribe!)
  • #tbt to cooking on NBC's The Today Show in NYC for St. Paddy's Day! :)
  • How to make spicy kale chips on my youtube channel today- check them out link in profile! :)
  • It's breakfast time baby! Check out myself and @thehappypearfood lads cooking up some epic buckwheat pancakes on my youtube channel! Link in profile- have a great Tuesday! :)
  • Burren Smoked Salmon Quiche @pepperpotcafe for lunch! Delicious as always! :)
  • Beat the Monday blues with a slice of Orange Polenta Cake. And guess what... It's GLUTEN FREE! :)
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Raw Cacao Nib Fudge…

Cacao Nib Fudge-1 copy

One of the hardest parts about eating healthily is curbing those pesky sugar cravings! If you have a sweet tooth, trying not to reach for a biscuit or bar of chocolate with your evening cup of tea can feel like torture. The only way to survive is to have lots of healthy & nutritious recipes to hand which will help satisfy your treat needs and this Raw Cacao Nib Fudge is just the ticket.

Cacao Nib Fudge-5 copy

I was recently joined in my kitchen by Susan Jane White, author of the brilliant cookbook ‘The Extra Virgin Kitchen’ to film for my youtube channel and she shared her fantastic healthy toffee recipe with me. This is a rocking little healthy treat. It ticks all the boxes- sweet, fudgey, chocolately goodness with NONE of the typical bad guys like white sugar or butter. You can go back for a 2nd or 3rd square with absolutely no guilt and that’s my kind of treat!

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Spicy Kale Chips…


I am on a huge healthy eating buzz at the moment and am loving coming up with new ways to get my five-a-day! Whether it’s juices, smoothies, buckwheat pancakes or healthy breakfast muffins, there are so many ways to enjoy fruit and vegetables without chomping on an apple in the corner! These kale chips are a great way of curbing that craving for something salty while still sticking to your healthy eating regime!

Kale Chips-1-2 copy

Kale is an incredible superfood packed with vitamins and minerals but all that aside it can be transformed into one of the healthiest and addictive little snacks. These spicy kale chips are very easy to prepare and if you prefer them less spicy simply replace the spice mixture with a generous sprinkle of sea salt.

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Healthy Buckwheat Pancakes…


I am constantly asked for healthy, gluten free, sugar free & dairy free recipes. Now more than ever, people are looking for healthy alternatives and this month I wanted to share some of my favourite healthy (and delicious) recipes here on the blog. Healthy food conjures up a feeling of lack, or missing out but don’t worry, the idea of nibbling on a stick of celery doesn’t appeal to me either! I am a lover of weekend brunch and these Healthy Buckwheat Pancakes from The Happy Pear are they way forward when it comes to healthy weekend pancakes!

The lads buckwheat pancakes prove that you can still have your favourite dishes, but filled with ingredients your body will thank you for! This recipe, devised by David & Stephen, is a great example of enjoying the treats you crave, while filling your body with great ingredients and I’m totally on board with that!

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Blueberry & Chia Seed Muffins…


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be running out the door every morning trying to make it to a meeting or to the office on time. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet it’s the one that people skip the most. Not anymore! Healthy muffins are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go.

Blueberry Chia Muffins-1 copy

These blueberry and chia seed muffins are packed with healthy ingredients, which will keep you going for any busy morning. I normally make them the night before and grab one or two just before I leave the house. The addition of the chia seeds give them an extra health boost as they are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and are packed full of fibre! And all before you’re fully awake! 

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My Top 3 Juice Recipes…

3 Juices-1 copy

There is an inevitability of jumping on the healthy bandwagon around this time of year, but I’m not opposed to it! It’s a good time to refocus, plan and get excited about the year of cooking ahead.  Although I love my hearty comfort food dishes during these colder months, one thing that keeps my immune system in check is possibly my best habit- juicing!  I started back when I was living at home, when my mom bought a juicer and a copy of Nigel Slaters brilliant juicing book, Thirst. I’ve graduated from my go to apple, carrot & ginger juice up to using more hardcore juice ingredients like kale, beetroot and celery without even blinking! Vegetable juices are a brilliant way to give your immune system a helping hand and these are three of my go-to juices that range from the beginner, the detoxer right up to the slightly more advanced!

3 Juices-1-2 copy

Top 5 tips to Juicing Victory!
1. Get a good quality juicer, preferably one that has parts that can be cleaned in the dishwasher!
2. Use organic vegetables- good for you and means you don’t even need to worry about peeling.
3. Use sweeter ingredients like apples and carrots as a base for any vegetable juices.
4. Juices are at their best as soon as you juice them- get it in to ya son!
5. Use small amounts of stronger tasting ingredients like ginger, slices of lemon & lime, or herbs to give your juices extra zing!

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10 Healthy Eating Recipes…


Happy New Year folks! With healthy eating season in full swing, I thought I would share some of my favourite, nutritious, healthy recipes from the blog, especially after all the over indulgences of Christmas! January often conjures up ideas of miserable salads and self deprivation but I want to show you that this doesn’t have to be the case. Healthy eating can mean delicious, filling and satisfying meals spanning from breakfast right up to dinner. Below are just a few of my favourites from the blog.



{ Strawberries with Homemade Granola, Honey & Yoghurt… }


{ Frozen Fruit Smoothie… }

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Donal’s Irish Christmas Feast…

Henrietta St-3 copy

The Christmas special of Donal’s Irish FEAST airs tonight on RTE One at 8pm.  The show is shot in an old house on Henrietta Street in Dublin and in the lead up to the big Christmas meal I visit Gavin Lynch from Hell’s Kettle Farm for advice on choosing the right turkey, Mark Grehan from The Garden for table arrangement ideas and Kate Packwood from The Wild Flour Bakery for Christmas dessert alternatives.  I want to take you behind the scenes of setting the table in this beautiful old home with Grace Campbell of Grace & Saviour Styling.  Grace is a talented event & prop stylist, which you may remember from her styling tips here, so when it came to setting the table for this special episode, I knew she was the best person for the job! I’ve had so many comments about how beautiful our final feast looked when I posted it on Instagram, that I asked Grace to share some of her inside tricks of the trade when it comes to setting your table for the perfect Christmas Feast. Below are just some of her tips on how she created the wonderful setting and recipes from the show…

Henrietta St-5 copy

It doesn’t get much more magical than working with Donal and the team at Henrietta Street just before Christmas. We could not wait to dress the house fit for the food that Donal would prepare for everyone to gather. The space for our feast was absolutely beautiful, so we applied a few of our favourite processes to draw on what was already there, making it warm and intimate, ready for friends to arrive. These same thoughts can apply to how you look at your home for the season whether big or small. I believe there a few key areas, once dressed, that easily transform your home with the festive spirit.

{ The Grand Entrance }
First look at how people enter your home, can you dress the doorway, what will greet your guests, and how will it make them feel. Will you go for a big fat Christmas wreath adorned with spruce, pinecones and candied oranges, or something modern, decadent or wild? We were lucky to have an abundant wreath from Mark of The Garden at Powerscourt (check name). Then the hallway, it is the perfect space to add warmth and invite your guests through and into your home. At Henrietta Street we had the most wonderful staircase that we dressed with some of our favourite foraged spruce, fir and candlelight to guide our guests.

Henrietta St-1 copy

{ The Dining Space }
The room for your Christmas feast. At home and at Henrietta Street I start with what is present in the room that should remain for the holidays, what furniture and what pieces. I then look at what can be found around the house that would add to the room for Christmas. You may not have the luxury of moving furniture freely around your home, but look at what is displayed on your surfaces and what is hidden away. Some vases, ornament, books, lanterns or throws might sit idly among other things through the year, but select and bring them to the fore, and they can add to your décor for Christmas. Pull out a decadent vase, a deep red throw or an heirloom decanter for flowers, and you transform how you see your things at Christmas. From an upstairs bedroom we pulled a comforting green velvet chair up to the fire, perfect for getting cosy on Christmas Eve. We then added a favourite red velvet throw for cosying up after dinner, and lots of fire wood in a favourite wicker basket, so that no one need venture outside if the fire should die down. We selected the key pieces that felt like Christmas to everyone, , the fireplace, the grand piano and of course the table for our meal, then we set about dressing those fit for our guests. And finally we picked out window ledges and mirrors and added warming church candles to flicker and glow in their reflections.

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Irish Inspired Festive Treats…

IMAGE Orange & Rosemary Cake

I get very excited when I come across new Irish food producers and I love experimenting with their ingredients.  So when the brilliant and talented Nathalie Marquez-Courtney who edits Image Interiors & Living asked me to come up with a selection of Irish inspired festive treats for their bumper Christmas issue, of course I jumped at the chance!  Never has there been a more exciting time for food in our country, with great emphasis being put on fresh, local and high quality produce. Christmas is a perfect time to enjoy and make the most of ingredients, made right here on our doorstep.  With a selection from Sheridans, Wild About, Longueville House Cider, Teeling Whiskey, James Whelan Butchers, Killowen Farm and Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, I have done my best to put them to good use in some of my favourite Christmas treat recipes.  Oh yeah and that epic cake above is from the inspirational Kate Packwood from The Wildflour Bakery!  From gifts for friends and family to that perfect festive tipple, these ‘home grown hero’ recipes will put you in good stead for Christmas!

IMAGE Apple & Ginger Chutney_2


IMAGE Apple & Ginger Cocktail_1

{ Ginger Spiced Apple Cocktail… }

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A Fuss-Free Christmas Menu…

Donal Profile Image Xmas 2 copy

The traditional Christmas meal was obviously designed by someone who had a lot of time on his or her hands. With giant birds, meat, vegetables and fruits being baked, braised, roasted and boiled it’s a meal which can be quite daunting even for the most experienced cook. When it comes down to the big day, though, we all want the same thing, good food enjoyed with family and friends, preferably stress free (though I can only help with the food!).

Sticky Figgy Pudding_2 copy

My recipes here for a fuss free Christmas dinner should keep everyone in the festive spirit. The turkey is simplified by butterflying the breast and stuffing it with a sweet fruit and breadcrumb mix, a method which makes for easy carving. As an alternative to the traditional Christmas Ham, treacle and star anise crispy pork belly makes an exciting addition to your Christmas dinner extravaganza and sides like perfect Parmesan crunchy roast potatoes and a cheesy brussel sprout gratin won’t even have you breaking a sweat! For me the true star of the show is a simple and elegant spiced Sticky Figgy Pudding, slathered in hot caramel sauce with a soft poached fig. Whatever you do choose to cook this year, prepare as much as you can in advance to make life as easy as possible and of course make sure to enjoy the big day!


Boned Rolled Turkey copy

{ Rolled Turkey Breast with Sweet Apricot Stuffing… }

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BEST Christmas Rocky Road…

Christmas Rocky Road copy

There is very little you can do at this time of year but embrace the Christmas spirit!  I’ve been doing a spot of Christmas baking over on my youtube channel and my latest recipe doesn’t require an oven making it perfect for a spot of dumping and stirring this festive season.  You can find the recipe ingredients in the link below and make sure to check out the recipe by clicking play!

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My Essential Christmas Dinner Guide…

Roast Christmas Turkey-3 copy

Even if you are an experienced cook, the sheer scale of Christmas dinner can be pretty daunting and fairly overwhelming! From giant birds to rugby tackle first thing in the morning and explosives (crackers!) on the table, and what other meal ends with setting the dessert on fire- it’s a wonder we get through the day at all!  The key to Christmas success however is timing and preparation, get it right and you’ll be left with an epic dinner and smiles all round!

Beetroot Gravadlax-1 copy

In my family we have always had a tradition of delegation, my mother would cook the turkey and my aunts would make the Christmas cake and bake off the ham.  It’s a great way of taking the pressure off the host and allows everyone to enjoy the day.  Jobs like peeling potatoes, preparing brussels sprouts and making stuffing can be done the day before and made far less of a chore if there are many hands helping out.  Taking small steps and deciding who will do what early on, will allow you a stress free Christmas filled with festive cheer! Even if you do end up cooking solo on the big day, this guide will give you all the essentials you will need for the big Christmas dinner, from the turkey to the pudding, the sides to the starters and all the great little bits in between- we’ve got it wrapped up!  Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!

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