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Getting My No Bake-Baking On…


Getting My No Bake-Baking On…

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sharon Website Shoot_20

If you are subscribed to my new youtube channel, you may have spotted I was recently joined in my kitchen by the very talented Sharon Hearne-Smith.  Sharon and I have been friends for quite a while and we often work and give food photography and styling workshops together, so when she asked me to photograph her new book, I jumped at the chance! Who wouldn’t want to spend two weeks getting sticky fingers trying all the leftovers from the shoot?  We shot the photographs for the book in Sharon’s beautiful 1950’s style kitchen in Dublin and it was the perfect setting for this brilliant and bright book.

Sharon Website Shoot_19


The book has finally been released in stores throughout Ireland and the UK and you have probably seen Sharon and her bee hive popping up all over the place with TV and radio appearances to promote the book.  It seems everyone is quite excited to learn more about no- bake baking!  Check out the recipe Sharon showed me how to make on youtube channel:

*This competition is now closed* To celebrate the release of Sharon’s new book, along with some of the brilliant recipes from the book (below) she has very kindly given me three copies of No-Bake Baking to giveaway! To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this brilliant book all you have to do is leave a comment below and make sure you subscribe to my newsletter here and you could be the the lucky winner of this great book. Entries close on Friday 4th of July at 1pm 2014. The winner will be chosen at random that day- Good luck!


Sharon Raspberry Pancake_2

{ Raspberry and Chocolate Crepeathon Cake… }

Sharon Bonkers Cheesecake

{ Slightly Bonkers Cheesecake with Cake Pops… }

Sharon Creme Brulee_2

{ Irish Crème Brûlée Cups with Hazelnut Praline… }

Sharon Snickers Cake_1

{ Snickers Ice-Cream Cake… }

Sharon Dime Bar Cake_1

{ Dime Bar Bomb with Millionaire’s Drizzle… }

Sharon Raspberry Granola Cups_1

{ Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Ring… }

Sharon-JM-Marshmallow-Gateaux_2-639x958-1  { Blackberry Swirl Marshmallow Gateaux… }






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  • Stéphanie Weber

    i’m totally in love with the pictures of these no bake-baking products and i’d love to try the recipes!

    • nora

      Love the thing about so many without an oven,I have one that does not work haaa,nice prize,

  • Asyraf Mutalib

    I’d love to have a copy of this book! I just started baking and I wish to discover more of it and create more in the future.

  • stephanie

    hi! it would be great to have this wonderful cookbook to see what sharon has in store for me. i’d be really excited to give it a go (: i’m a total fan!!

  • Louise Neighbour

    The recipes sound amazing and the photos look even more so!

  • Filiz Mehmed

    I’d love to have a copy too :)

  • Anna Yuhhi

    everything looks amazing! will love to have a copy of the book and try those recipes!

  • Nicola Naessens

    Would love to add this book to my collection!

  • Caitriona O Leary

    Can’t wait to try these = shots look amazing!!

  • Kelli Smyth

    I love baking, but those are just too beautiful and am sure way tastier, have to have the snickers one!

  • Eadaoin O’Reilly

    I would actually love to have this book as I love baking but I hadn’t been able to do it for quite some time as I was sitting the Leaving Cert but now I am finished and would love to expand my horizons on the baking spectrum and try new things, especially no bake items. Please I would love to try them so much! :)

  • Laura Ní Chiobháin

    I would love this book, as a lover of baking “oven free” baking sounds intriguing and I would love to give it a try

  • Elaine Boyle

    Oh my god these recipes sound absolutely fab! I’d love a copy!! Best of luck to her, I have no doubt the book will do terrific :)

  • Vivienne

    The pair of you have endless amounts of talent !!! :)

  • Guest

    Hi Donal, I’m Jake(Sprinkleofwilly). I’m was a fan of no bake baking because I didn’t have an oven. Although I do have now, I would still love to make no bakes. I’m a huge huge fan of yours! I never win any contest so it will be great if you pick me :)!

  • Lisa Hanlon

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I love baking especially desserts, the no bake idea is so clever. The recipes look so so pretty and tasty, I would love to try them out

  • Jessica Flynn

    Everything looks so delicious! Thank goodness it’s lunchtime…

  • Magda

    Gorgeous photos Donal :)

  • Claire Buckley

    Love to give Sharon’s receipes a go!

  • Regina Cleere

    Seen this lady on Ireland AM, would love a copy of the book <3

  • Oonagh Cleary

    Would love to get chocolate finger prints all over this book! :)

  • Glyn Evans

    I would love to be considered for this awesome book. Thanks for viewing my most amazing comment in the world. :)

  • Christine Schnell

    LOVE no bake cakes and treats

  • tika ramadhany

    Hi.. I’m from Indonesia. I made crepe cake for my kid b’day 2 weeks ago. But sure not as good as your crepeathon :) It would be great if i have a copy of this book.

  • Raminta Narkunaite

    I can not describe how happy I am trying your’s and Sharon’s recepes especially blackberry marshmallow cake. I am going to be a confectioner and having No-bake baking book would be great start to make my dream come true. I wish everyone would get this book someday ^^
    Good luck everyone!
    p.s sorry for my english

  • Magda

    These look so good…

  • Nikki Fallon

    Love the look and idea of this and am ready to try it! Im more of a savory baker but since following you and recently Sharon my aim is by the end of the summer to have a few sweeter recipes mastered so I can make some for my baker-sister for her birthday (for once!) Thanks * good luck with the new book

  • Vinni

    Would love to test these recipies if I had that book *-*

  • Amanda

    It’s only 9:30am here in Canada, but those desserts are already making me want something sweet! Delicious! =)

  • EMul

    LOVE to try ALL of these recipes and let the kids bake without worrying about them burning themselves :-)

  • Alice

    Everything looks so delicious. I’d love to try these recipes and since I don’t have an oven this book would be perfect.

  • mag’s

    Hi Donal,
    I have know Sharon since she was a little girl and would love to win her book, I think you make a good team and would love to see they two of you do your own cookery programme. Looking forward to your new show this week on t.v.

  • Emma

    Comment 😀 Saw Sharon on ireland am the other morning making white chocolate, pistachio and raspberry targets. Since then her book has been at the top of my to get list! Want to make that pancake cake now also :)

  • Edel Faulkner

    I heard Sharon on the radio with Ryan Tubridy last week discussing rocky road with jelly beans and have been looking out for a copy of her book ever since! Would love to win one, no bake baking is my kind of baking! Edel :)

  • Nollaig B

    The no bake idea is superb! And the photos are stunning. I’d love to be a lucky winner of Sharon’s new book!

  • Nina Grkovic

    Awesome! I really liked the trick with hot skewers.

  • Valerian Chung

    Love baking and cooking. Would like to learn more and create something extraordinary from the recipe book. You inspire me to become a better and confident cook.. Thanks Donald!

  • molly

    I had no oven when I was studying so I had to make everything without the help of an
    oven. Tried tons of recipes as I love sweet food. Now I am living in Spain and
    it’s way too hot to bake so I am always looking for new ideas. This blackberry
    marshmallow cake is a must try :-) I would love to have a copy of Sharon’s book
    as I imagine it has tons of fantastic recipes.

  • Megan Talty

    All these recipes look delicious! I’d love to own a copy of the book :)

  • Louis

    Gorgeous book! My fingers and toes are crossed…!

  • Grainne Halligan

    Would love to try some of the recipes from the book!

  • Kathleen Keenan

    Hi Donal I would love a copy of your book as I have our 40th wedding anniversary coming up in September & a family re-union so your no-bake book would be a God send.

  • Dóra Fehér

    Oh these are looking so good :) hope I could have a chance to win a book :) greatings from Hungary! Dora

  • Caroline Duffy

    Wow! These look amazing! Would love to give some of them a try!

  • Claudine McGonigle

    Her food looks amazing. Love the look of the cheesecake with cake pops

  • Lisa McKeown

    Hi Donal, these recipes look amazing :)

  • Susan Nagle

    Hi i just bought a kitchenaid after 25 years of wishing for 1….so i would love a copy of this brilliant book so i can practise all those lovely recipes.

  • Caroline

    my friends love my sweet treats and i’d love to surprise them with these amazing and delicious looking no-bake-cakes :)

  • Would love to try some of these recipes, they look divine!

  • Maureen Staples

    Hi Donal
    I would love to do some of the recipes from this book with my grandchildren as there is no danger of them getting burnt on the oven

  • Jana Fuhrmannová

    I’d love to try those recipes, they all look absolutely amazing!

  • Jonny Lahive

    Love the photos! I’d love to have a copy too so I could try and make some of these for my family and friends.

  • Sinéad Coleman

    Yum yum. Would luv to have mt own copy of Sharon’s book. Recipes look fab

  • Helen mcmahon

    Hi Donal. I love all your recipes and pictures. . I can’t wait to try out some of Sharons beautiful no bake cakes. They look absolutely amazing! Helen

  • Mary O’halloran

    I would give my eye teeth for a copy of that book, that snickers ice cream look looks too good to eat and by the way those behind the scenes shots of you both in your kitchen were terrific, you should do a cookery show together!

  • Naomi

    these photos look amazing!!

  • ScrappySilv Crowley

    So excited about this collaboration and these simple recipes :-) even if I don’t win still gonna buy the book :-) loving the blog!

  • Tengo1horno

    Hi, Donal,
    I moved recently to Belfast from Spain, where I had
    been blogging on food and recipes for 4 years. I just wonder if you and
    Sharon had ever thought on organizing a workshop here in the North. I would
    love it, and I am sure that I will not be the only one. ;-D

    I have heard so much and so good from this book that I cannot wait to have it!

    Keep on this great mood, guys!

  • Margaret Sheedy

    Cant wait to try these recipes, they look amazing!!! :)

  • Marie

    Love it. Love baking, teaching 3rd class in September. No bake’d be the way to go with 30 gals! Marie

  • Anonymous

    Pretty please….. :)

  • Suzanne

    I’d love to try out some of Sharon’s recipes, they look scrumptious

  • Derian

    Hi Donal!! I really enjoy your channel. Many great recipes. ≧﹏≦

  • Paula Eager

    I am salivating at the pictures! I would love to win Sharon’s book!

  • Juleser

    Dying to get my mitts on this book.

  • sandra newman

    Great giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed. Would love to win this book to give me some ideas on what to bake to statisfy my sweet tooth.

  • Julie Hickey

    Would love to win this book!! :) I could live on desserts! 😛 I always enjoy baking and finding out new recipes. I would love to know more no bake recipes other then cheese cake! The food looks delicious, perfect for summer :)

  • Sanna

    I would love to get a copy of this brilliant book!!

  • Ursula McDarby Cosgrove

    Would love a copy

  • Sarah

    It all looks so delious!! I don’t know what I’d “bake” first!!

  • Kay Brennan

    Would really love to win this book. Some fantastic looking cakes etc.

  • Audrey Kerr

    My oven (and my baking pal’sl oven is temperamental and in this heat it is torture to have the oven on so a no bake baking book would be Heaven!

  • Eithne Mccormack

    hubba hubba hubba to all them beautiful recipes ……………………….

    • Regina Hurley

      Love all these who would have thought you could make such nice cakes with no baking! Would love this book :)

  • Cheryl Lim

    Hi!! I’m Cheryl (http://instagram.com/cherylishungry) from Singapore and I love cooking, baking and I’m generally mad about food! Really enjoy your videos and recipes; you’re such a spirited and energetic cook!!:) Hope to receive a copy of this book; it’ll really be awesome!

  • Donal you have shared a great collection of #nobake recipes. And your photograpy for the book is super!

    And what a generous offer from Sharon. I know that if I was a lucky winner of “No Bake Baking” the book would be put to good use as my daughters would make sure we tested the recipes!

  • Louise Bracken

    Definitely gonna make the marshmallow cake pops for birthday party at wkend so simple but look great. Book sounds interesting and different

  • OrlaghDee

    Love and use ‘Kitchen Hero’ all the time, would love this book to add to the collection :)

  • rachel

    I would love to win this . I would burn water . This is right up my alley . It would be nice to impress friends with something other than a pack of digestives

  • Laney

    I really would love this book please! Sharon is amazing and those little white chocolate pistachio wee tart things are pure heaven and I need to make them!

  • Clarissa

    Hi Donal I think the children in my baking classes, which I run in Clontarf, Scoil Mhuire & Sutton Park) would love the opportunity to try and taste some of these yummy recipes, tks Clarissa, CJ Cookery

  • montmartre

    I made that kind of desserts before and they’re always a true hit. That’s why i’d like a copy of this book, so i could learn more about no bake baking!

  • I have to make that snickers ice cream cake! It looks incredible. I’d love to win a copy of the book.

  • Aoife Cassidy

    Would LOVE to win! 😀 Aoife Cassidy

  • Hi! I´d love to win a copy of this book. Fabolous pictures!!! And very welcome back to Sweden! 😉

  • Laura Haughey

    i would love this book as my son whos 5 and i love baking but he has no patience and is always giving out that we have to wait for things to cook and cool down as least these are quicker recipes for us to try

  • Yvonne Halpin

    Great idea ,no bake baking sounds ideal especially as many baking recipes can seem so daunting trying to make doughs and pastries, would love to be entered please

  • Stacy Smith

    this looks yummy! would love to win it

  • Hazel Delaney

    No bake cakes? Yes please, they sound perfect to be making alongside the kids :)

  • Gráinne Cunningham

    I’m salvating here looking at these pics, love Sharon’s retro style..

  • Kathy Shields

    Hello Donal, I would love this book to be able to make the cake pop cheese cake for my daughters birthday on the 16th of July!!!! Please please pick me as i’ll be putting the book to good use to make it… Kathy

  • Ian

    Gotta try the bonkers cheesecake with pops. Yum

  • emer

    Would love to win the book, am already salivating just looking at the pictures!! I would be very popular at home if i could come even close to any of those yummy desserts xx

  • Dawn O’Brien

    oh wow, looks a fabulous book, would love a copy, and my son would probably borrow it from me too!

  • Olive McKenna

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I don’t have any of your books but would love one. Have plenty of time on hand so would love to do some baking with the kids. The photos are brilliant and everything looks very appetizing.

  • polly

    These recipes look amazing. Can’t wait to try them

  • Donal was just in Thailand so maybe he can appreciate this–I live in Bangkok and we don’t have ovens. It is 30+C all year long so you can imagine that I need a no-bake cookbook! I’d love to make some ‘farang’ Western treats for my Thai friends. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • петя спасова

    i am fan of no-baking goodies 2 donal,love easy dessert recipes.

  • Christine Roche

    Everything looks so delicious would love to give them a try!! 😉

  • Rhoda Mc Donald

    Amazing book ❤️❤️ would love to try all of the recipes :)

  • Ciara Hogan

    Heya! Following on Instagram and FB, love the snaps, would love a copy of the book to get not-baking, baking!

  • Elaine Wilson

    I’d love to try these recipes..looks amazing!

  • Maria Mulchrone

    I would love a copy of Sharons new book, I’m always looking for new recipes that don’t have to be baked in the oven and can’t wait to get stuck into some of these

  • Kati Oldenburg

    Hi to Ireland. I would love love love a copy of that brilliant book!! Sharon is such a nice and inspiring person and it would be great to spread her cakes over Germany! Well not over whole Germany 😉 but I would love to make them for my family and friends to make them want a copy of it, too! Whoohhoo, fingers crossed!!!

  • Sabrina Dumoulin

    Hi! I’m Sabrina :) and please please please I would really like to have a copy of this wonderful book. I’m going to be an Au Pair in Ireland and I want to impress the children for whom I will have to cook. I’m a big fan of you Donal since I’ve seen you in Kitchen Hero on a French channel don’t change anything you are fantastic!

    Bye and good luck to everyone!

  • Sabrina Dumoulin

    Hi! I’m Sabrina :) and please please please I would really like to have a copy of this wonderful book. I’m going to be an Au Pair in Ireland and I want to impress the children for whom I have to cook. I’m a big fan of you Donal since I’ve seen you in Kitchen Hero on a French channel. Don’t change anything you are fantastic!

    Bye and good luck to everyone!

  • Yvonne Doyle

    Would love a copy, book looks fab, love the simplicity and it’s fresh vibe & style….dying to try out some of those recipes above! :-)

  • racciep

    Would love to win to prove to my husband that baking doesn’t always have to involve heat for the chemical reaction that makes wonderful desserts 😀

  • VickyWoo

    I’m new to the no bake baking and looking at the photos of Sharon’s scrumptious cakes has inspired me to try all the delicious recipes and become a no bake baking queen! I would love to bring the magic back in the kitchen for my little girl (who is 5 on the 2nd) !! 😀

  • Maria Cunningham

    My ideal way of baking

  • Jenny Doyle

    So many delicious recipes, look forward to trying them out!

  • Hi, I bought the book for my mum and I would love a copy for myself too, brilliant recipes and fabulous photos!

  • Timekeeper

    This book looks awesome.

  • Dorothy Patel

    This is a lovely book so Quirky -nice to see a lovely wexford girl doing so well

  • Nollaig Mc Hugh

    Love the idea if making lovely cakes and buns without baking.

  • Deirdre MG

    Looks like an amazing book, will definitely be trying out these recipes!

  • Ann Mcauley

    Oh my they are just mouthwateringly tempting and foolproof recipes so no #bakingfails

  • Lisa O’Leary

    Hi Donal, I would love to win a copy of this book….the pictures are stunning! That frozen yogurt breakfast ring looks to die for! I love baking but the no-bake concept is brill :)

  • Sue Butler

    What fun recipes, Looks like a fab book. Love the photos

  • Sue Butler

    This is my kind of Cookbook, Fantastic Recipes, Beautiful photos , Its a book thatmakes you want to cook the recipes that are in it. They look so good that you want to make them so you can eat them. Yummmmmmmmmmmm

  • Riri

    Beautiful pictures, would love try Sharon’s recipes 😀

  • miekAnn

    Hi! I’d love to win this, just like all the other 145 commenters haha. I love baking and I showed the video for the Blackberry Marshmallow Gateaux to my boyfriend and normally he isn’t into baking that much but now he said he wanted to make it right away. He was really enthusiastic about the skewer trick too, haha. So this Saturday we are No- baking this cake and I just hope I can make more of these lovely recipes from the book!

    Good luck with choosing winners and have fun in Sweden.


  • Clare

    As an avid baker I would love this and put it to good use!

  • Antoinette

    Oh my god!! They look soooo nice !!!

  • Niamh Gunning

    Would love this book.. Lived the past year in an apartment without an oven so I’ve a new-found love for no-bake cooking!

  • Katie Quirke

    Dearie me.. what a prize this would be! I do indeed believe this is precisely what my sister and I are in need of- considering we ordered dessert before starters just last week when out for dinner! Chocoholics, sweet teeth, call it what you may, we are currently watering at the mouth whilst typing! Golly- I think we’d eat the pictures on this post if they were edible!!

    Happy munching!
    Katie Quirke
    ( @itbekatiie on twitter – yes, there are two i’s. I was quite the cool kid back in the day! 😉 )

  • Marie

    I would love this …cannot wait to get my hands on it everything looks so good.nomnom

  • Eimear

    Hi Donal, I would love to win Sharon’s book, the Snickers Ice Cream Cake looks divine. I’d also like to try and adapt some of Sharon’s recipes to gluten free, as my dad is a coeliac and he love’s when I bake some quirky cakes instead of the usual queen cakes. Best of luck everyone, keep up the good work Donal! :-)

  • claire

    I’m always looking for new recipes and these no-bake bakes look amazing!

  • Karen French

    I would love to win this book

  • Jennifer Burns

    I’d love this. I only know one no bake dessert recipe for cheesecake. I think my family would appreciate if I learned a few more!! :)

  • Denisse Alvarado

    would love to have a copy of this book! Even when i am only 16 I love to bake but my oven is too small It would be awesome to do this no-bake recipes
    Huge fan of yours Donal! <3

  • Nóra Pajtók

    Omg everything looks so delicious and gorgeous! I need this book in my life, so perf! :) x

  • Catherine Dunbar

    This type of baking is so up my street … my big downfall is that I tend not to always measure when I bake … your help with this book will impress and make me look so good :-) Happy 4th July

  • Mary Mc Quinn

    I would love to win this,the recipes look fab!

  • Treasa Rushe

    These recipes look amazing! <3

  • Jullanne Fitzgerald

    Would love to have a copy of this book, what a great way to make sweet treats. This would be a great addition to my bedside locker – **sweet dreams** are made from this :)

  • Nathalie

    It would be awesome if I won that book, I’m a young lady who LOVE food and especially to bake! :-)

    I hope that you have a great time here in Sweden!

  • Karen Doyle Browne

    yes please

  • BoyleBakes

    I love the frozen yogurt breakfast ring and will definately try it. Everything looks fantastic and makes me want to go home and just start baking. Thanks for all the ideas Donal !

  • nicola

    Love, love,love this book – would definitely be a big hit in this house!

  • Brenda

    OMG they all look so good will have to try some of them

  • Iseult Ní Dhomhnaill Clark

    I would love to give some no bake recipes a go!

  • Nelly Bourke Ryan

    I love baking everytime i get time to have this book would give me a chance to try new things with the no bake baking

  • Emma McCarthy

    These recipes look fantastic! So do the photos! I love the idea of no baking baking.

  • Aoife Cawley

    Looks fabulous! Am only a beginner at baking but looking forward to much more x

  • geraldine wslpole

    With 3 small boys….This is definitely my kind of book. Would earn major brownie points with these creations….Yum Yum!

  • Siobhán Bayertz

    Would love this. Everything looks amazing!

  • Lyndsey

    Would love this win this!

  • Amy Doherty

    This book looks absolutely fantastic!! I love baking but I’ve exhausted all of my recipes and badly need some new ones to impress with! Would be thrilled to win this book.

  • Sonja Egan

    I would adore a copy of the new no-bake book!

  • Jo

    All this deliciousness with no baking-amazing! Can’t wait to get My No-bake on!!!!

  • mariavil

    I would LOVE to win this – fingers and toes are crossed!

  • Louise

    I just love baking fullstop

  • Marion

    I watch your y/t video’s and I thought the video you both made was brilliant!! I’d love to win this book but never the less i’m a fan of you both and enjoy both your recipes too!!

  • joannacarley

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Joanna and I work with Donal. I get to to bring the good news and announce the three winners…..

    Aoife Flynn
    Emma Mc Carthy
    Niall Butterly

    Check your inbox guys. I have sent on an email.

    Congrats again.

  • Bernadette Power

    Would love a copy. Great TV program