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Grandma’s Boy


Grandma’s Boy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grandmas Boy Episode One_11

Grandma’s Boy is a 13 part series which airs on FOX International and 24 Kitchen. Donal inherited his love of cooking from his grandmother and family and they passed on the knowledge that it isn’t just about high tech gadgets and expensive ingredients when it comes to excellent home cooking. With that in mind, Donal set off on his culinary adventure around Italy in search of the finest Italian ingredients and treasured family recipes and where better to find them than by visiting the undisputed queens of the kitchen, the grandmothers!

Grandmas Boy Series_66

The grandmother’s aka the nonas, passed on some of their secret recipes, hints and tips for what makes their Italian home cooking so delicious and in exchange, Donal cooked up some of his favourite dishes for them to try. Over the series, Donal travels to thirteen different Italian towns including, Capena, Matera, Irsina, Rieti, Polignano A Mare and Sant’Angelo in Colle and gets to try his hand at cheese making, truffle hunting, falconering, horse riding, snail hunting, lake fishing and pig wrangling.  Every family Donal meets are incredibly welcoming, which gives him, and the viewer a unique perspective on Italian life.  This series is all about fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared and of course shared with your friends and family.

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  • Ha! Tell her I said hello :)

    • Shivya Kumar

      Love your show.Come to India willing to part with my mother s recipes.heart warming show with all the nonas


      • I’d love to come to India! On my wish list of travel spots!

        • Namrata

          Great going Donal ! Inspiring for amateur cooks like us…. And about time we hound our nonnas for secret family recipes as well :)

  • Shellee Jonas

    Donal I love you and I love how you cook, visit Indonesia :-* You’re soooo cute

  • Rick Nitrauw

    Great show Donal! I have seen all episodes

  • LOL! Would love to come to India. :)

  • Wajeeha Tahir

    Great show Donal :)

  • Thanks so much!

  • Whoot!

  • Widya Phan

    Donal great job! You make me want to get the kitchen messy everytime hahaha and it’s so lovely to cook with the nonnas :)

  • Neha Saroha

    Hey… I love your show.
    Why don’t you visit india too?
    I am sure you’ll start drooling only over the smell of vegetarian food and indian spices.

    Btw… you are very cute. How old are you? :p

    • Thank you! I’d love to come to India. I can’t tell you my age…It’s a secret! :)

      • Neha Saroha

        Ha! never mind. I know it now 😀
        Just curious..Have you ever cooked any indian recipe?

  • naggi

    Hey donal…..i love to see your episode…you also..

  • Pooja Thakur

    Hey, Donal Skehan..you are so cute…i love the way you cook and your food are all look so delicious..

  • Mitja

    Hi, I also love exploring Italy, sometimes for real, other with shows like this one. Do you plan to publish a book with theses recipes?

  • niharika

    hi!!! Donal I just love your show and I have to say really hot <3 and we all want to see u visiting India do come soon

  • Asia Bisi

    Hello Donal…my name is Asia. I am 11 years old, I am from Italy but I live in Dubai. I left my Nonna Paola in Italy and I really miss her cooking. She makes the best lasagne, tortelloni, rosette, tortellini that you can ever imagine. She lives in Emilia, near Modena. I would really love to see her cooking with you on TV.

    • Wow she sounds like a great cook! Ps you have a great name! :)

      • Asia Bisi

        Thanks Donal I really love your show and I hope you can visit my grandma next time you are in Italy, because in Emilia-Romagna there is the best food in the world!!

  • Reetanjali Singh

    Hi! Donal.I just love your show.I also love to cook with my grandmother.I wish you come to India and I will be very happy if I get a chance to meet you. Please reply.

    • Thanks so much! Glad to hear you are enjoying the show! I’d love to come to India. Hopefully I will get there soon! :)

  • Sakshi J

    Hi Donal.I love watching your show.You are an awesome chef and a nice singer. I love your song Double Cross my heart. It’s really nice. Please reply…

    • That’s great to hear! :)

      • Sakshi J

        Thanks you very much Donal I’m happy you replied.All the best and come to India :)

  • Poorva Kawli

    hi donal .. its Antara here i’m poorva’s sis ..i’m 15 year old n i love to watch your show…. and even i love your recipes …… but i wish you to visit INDIA and i will be happy to meet you ..:) please do reply ..;)

  • By the way i am from the Philippines

  • Maria Bosters Lossio

    Hi donal!
    I really reallllllly love your show and your Lemon cake! It was my first cake, I can’t believe I did it.. hahah, next time I gonna make the chicken and spinach pasta!

  • Neha Kamal Aggarwal

    Hi Donal, this is Neha… I am frm India and simply love ur show…espcly d way u treat and capture ur family values… Which are an integral part of Indian culture… Would love to meet u wen u r visiting India… Try Indian local food… Its simply grt… C ya.

  • amey

    Hey Donal,
    The Show is awesome… All grannies & recipes are inspiring! Please Do visit India!!
    I am an architect but I love food & cooking!! It’s mesmerizing & relaxing!! So I wish, someday I would also visit places to meet grannies ..!Great!! keep it up!


  • Yatin Bhole

    Hey Donal,
    The show is awesome…Please Do visit India specially Mumbai!!
    I love food & cooking!!So I wish, someday I would also visit places to meet grannies ..!Great!! keep it up!