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Grandma’s Boy Is Coming…


Grandma’s Boy Is Coming…

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grandmas Boy Series_66


Although it was only a few months ago we wrapped on the final episode in Italy, my new series “Grandma’s Boy” for FOX International and 24Kitchen is finally ready to air!  We filmed the pilot episode last June and then spent eight weeks from August onwards shooting in towns across the beautiful Italian countryside.  With a new Granny or Nonna to meet every three days, we had to have been the most well fed crew you could ever meet on the road!  Our small team of eight were treated to some of the best food and drink the Italians proudly offered up.  I’m so thrilled to show you the promo video for the show right here:

We travelled to thirteen different Italian towns including, Capena, Matera, Irsina, Rieti, Polignano A Mare and Sant’Angelo in Colle and I got to try my hand at cheese making, truffle hunting, falconering, horse riding, snail hunting, lake fishing and pig wrangling.  It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and every family we met were so incredibly welcoming, which gave us a unique perspective on Italian life.

Stuffed Gnocchi

In every episode our chosen Nonna would cook me up her signature dish and then I would repay the favour with my take on a regional dish using local ingredients.  That was possibly the most nerve-wracking part of the whole process and our Italian Nonna’s held no punches when giving me their opinion on my dishes!  Most of the grandmothers I cooked with had very little English and as I have very little Italian I learned the important words first, “Basta” (STOP!) and “Perfecto” (Perfect) and “Buon Profumo” (Beautiful Smell).  The rest was made up with smiles, hugs and lots of laughing!  The series will be airing on FOX International and 24Kitchen over the next few months and the confirmed dates and regions are as follows:

Holland- 24kitchen in April
Balkans- 24kitchen June 2014
Turkey- 24Kitchen June 2014
France- 24Kitchen May 6th, 2014
Hungary- FOX International 28th April

I’ll keep you posted with more dates and regions as they come in but until then check out the series intro video below and the recipe for my favourite dessert from the series, a rich and indulgent chocolate tiramisu.

Continue to the recipe for Chocolate Tiramisu…


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  • Sam Slangen

    Hee Donal, saw your show yesterday evening, can you post the recipe of the Pollo with porcini?

    • I’ll see what I can do- will try and get a few recipes up here from the series! :) Where did you watch it?

      • Sam Slangen

        That would be great, I watched in the Netherlands on the 24Kitchen Channel.

  • петя спасова

    thank you for this you will be liked in bulgaria.

  • Anonymous

    I am so jealous with all the cooking channels in the U.S. and FOX why can’t we have this show. Push them Donal!!!! We need your fresh take on cooking in the United States.

  • Oh so excited to hear that it’s started over there! There is 13 episodes- so lots more coming your way! :)

  • Megan

    Your recipes always look incredible and are such a hit with my housemates! Is there or will there be anything aired on Sky? Or accessible in the UK?

  • Nina Campitelli

    The food you cook looks amazing. We live in Melbourne, Australia. you would be a hit down here. Your tour of Italy looks beautiful.

  • Constance

    Hello Donal you are on Dutch television now love your cooking and formost your lovely smile and jokes. Kind regards, Constance from the Netherlands

  • Maaike Terleth

    Hi Donal! Great show! Love how cute the nonnas are! Can you post the cannelloni recipe? Dying to cook that!

    • Monique

      Yes, would love to see the cannelloni one as wel

      Dutch fan Monique

  • Cherry Mae

    hi donal!im a super fan here.from the philippines.nice show!

  • Marisa Vosloo

    I’m a huge fan of yours. I wish I could get a video clip of you getting pecked by the hen – it’s hilarious!!

  • Lebinh

    Hello, I’m Lebinh from Vietnam, really like your show. It’s very interesting and delicious… Have fun!! ^^

  • BrittMari Åkesson

    Hi I am from Sweden and Me and my husband loves to look at your programs. Love to copy your recipe. Have a nice christmas with a lot of good food :-)