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I Am Grandma’s Boy!


I Am Grandma’s Boy!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grandmas Boy Episode One_8

After what has been an incredibly busy summer, my bags are packed and I've just arrived in Italy to film a brand new TV series called Grandma's Boy for FOX International and 24Kitchen.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed the unending stream of pictures of me with Italian Grandmothers when I was in Rome at the end of June when we shot the pilot episode.  Since then the show has got the green light and we will be shooting 13 episodes over the next six weeks all across Italy. 

Grandmas Boy Episode One_11

It's such an adventure and the producers have sent me a long list of just some of the amazing places we'll be filming.  Truffle hunting, cattle herding on horseback, falconery, river fishing, are all part of the plan and best of all there will be lots and lots of food. 

Grandmas Boy Episode One_1 copy

The whole idea of the show is to learn classic Italian recipes from those who know them the best- The Nonna's!  So each episode I'll be meeting a new Grandmother, cooking alongside her while she shows me her signature dish and then the roles are reversed and I'll be cooking for her using local produce.

Grandmas Boy Episode One_5

For the pilot episode we filmed in Capena with Nonna Lina, an amazing woman who cooks the best Saltimbocca (veal with prosciutto and sage) I have ever tasted! We also cooked up a classic Roman dish Pollo Con Peperoni (Chicken and peppers) and a simple pickled courgette salad, the recipe for which I got from a local vegetable producer, Stefano. 

Grandmas Boy Episode One_9

I can't wait to get stuck in and enjoy the dolce vita!  Our first stop on this Italian adventure is Terni this weekend, so wish me luck, here we go! :)

Grandmas Boy Episode One_13

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  • martina mammarella

    These are great news…as Italian I’m glad you will show even more of our culture and cuisine to the world. Enjoy it as much as you can… end of summer is a perfect period to visit. Buon fortuna!!!

  • Caroline@Bibliocook

    Congratulations! Like the look of that pickled courgette salad – recipe coming soon, I hope?!

  • SarahHoran1D

    Donal your Back aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its been over a month since your lst post ( I love your Videos on youtube)
    I Cant wait I love Italy and Italian culture and Italian Food and Gino D’accampo (Joke I dont) I cant wait your pictures look soo interesting and its such a beautiful place..
    Its my BDay on Sunday and my mums pre ordered your book for me (and 1D of course) and I cant wait, if only I could forward time,,that would be great………

  • SarahHoran1D

    One more question (i dont mean to be rude i dont have a twitter )
    Are you ever gonna release another single with your band , Cause your songs are really good.

  • xxJemmieStylesxx

    Is ur series gunna come on bbc!!

  • @xxjemmiestylesxx:disqus agree with ya sis Kitchen Hero needs to be on BBC we miss out :(

  • Mia

    Nice Post :)

  • Deano

    Ah Italian food Bon appetite :) Nice post Donal

  • June Molloy Vladička

    That sounds amazing, Donal – my absolute idea of heaven! We’re heading to Italy as part of our food trip in a few weeks – I’ll be keeping an eye on the Tweets for tips on where to go for authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy! June.

  • Alice Kiddo

    http://vimeo.com/62189425 A great grandma’s recipe from Montefalco. I hope to see you our farm!!

  • Cristiana

    which cities are you visiting? You really can’t miss Verona

  • Jess English

    Hey Donald! I’ve just discovered your program in 24Kitchen, in the Netherlands. I really love it, I’m Spanish and I like cooking, though I’m in love with Italian cuisine :) greetings & I’ll follow u from Barcelona!

  • Albert Janik

    I am SOOOO looking for the recipe of the Pollo ai peperoni, but can’t find it anywhere (yes, there are plenty on the internet, but I saw the programme and would love to try this one out!