I think there is a guilt most food bloggers live with, that they don’t update their blogs enough.  I certainly do, this year more so than ever before.  It all really depends on whats going on, what sort of rhythm life is playing at and mainly of course it comes down to having the time.  For me it’s not a case of not doing anything, oh I have the material, it’s just getting around to posting it!

To give you an idea of how behind I am on blogging, I have over 5000 images from Thailand and Vietnam still sitting waiting to be edited from January, about 1000 from my trip to Louisiana and pile of recipes and columns from magazines and newspapers which need uploading.  I will get to them… eventually!

Here is a recipe I wrote for the cork news a few weeks ago, one of my favourite salads, it was just before my veggie garden had sprung into action so doesn’t feature any home grown leaves but I can tell you that just this week we enjoyed our first meal using solely produce from it- HURRAH!  I love this recipe because it uses things I often have in my fridge and storecupboard like chickpeas, chorizo and halloumi cheese, which means it’s fairly easy to prepare.  The addition of roasted cherry tomatoes takes it to another level- ENJOY!

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