Today we are all about checking lists and packing the car ahead of this weekend at Electric Picnic!Β  I’ve never been down to it before and my only lasting impressions of a music festival were from Oxegen a few years ago.Β  At the time I was working for the now defunct Bubble Hits, producing snappy little interviews with the artists.Β  Now that might sound glamorous, but part of the job was to head down to the campsite to capture some of atmosphere from the festival goers on camera.Β  In theory that all sounds fine, but late on a Saturday afternoon, after a good days drinking on behalf of the campers, bringing a camera man into a festival camping ground, is essentially the equivalent of shoving a gazelle into cage full of lions! What is it with drunk people when they see a camera, that makes them think that it will gain them instant access to an appearance on telly?

Anyway, a good two hours were spent, trudging through the muck, shielding the camera man and trying to find vaguely sober people to give an impression that it isn’t half as messy as it actually is….Β  The highlight of the whole experience was watching a very glamorous young lady, wearing ridiculously high heels and a mini skirt, clambering through the thick mud beside a row of portaloo’s in the pissings of rain, dragging a massive pink wheely suitcase behind her, quite upset at the fact that her festival experience hadn’t exactly gone to plan…Β  On that note I have been told EP is a slightly more civilised affair!

As I mentioned in the September update I finally managed to get toΒ  Crackbird in Dublin which, as the name promises, serves up some seriously addictive chicken. It’s left me with serious cravings for the most amazing buttermilk chicken and Asian flavoured soy garlic chicken. So much so, that I decided to come up with an addictive chicken recipe of my own, et voila my spatchcock buffalo chicken was created! Served with rosemary roast chips and some red cabbage coleslaw, this is definitely a weekend meal, so get a good movie in and serve this for friends… it’s finger lickin’ good!

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