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Summer Berry Sweet Pizza and a change of seasons…


Summer Berry Sweet Pizza and a change of seasons…

Monday, August 22, 2011

At the moment life is sitting quite happily in limbo, as we fall between the seasons of late Summer and early Autumn.  There is still warmth in the air, yet I’m beginning to be drawn back to the more heavy and slow cooked dishes.  While it can easily be argued that Ireland got a fairly awful Summer this year, I haven’t been left short on Summer produce.  My tomatoes, while slightly late are starting to turn a rich red and my proud pumpkin patch which has long been developing a personality of its own, now sits watching our living room overlooking slightly ominously, ready to engulf the house with ever expanding tendrils, the moment we turn our backs.  While everything is in full bloom and plants are still growing, said pumpkin patch is a great reminder that, it won’t be more that a month or two, before I will be cutting the stalks of what I hope will be heavy orange fruits, reminding me further of the fact that the days are getting shorter and colder.

I do hope I’m not filling you with too much doom and gloom, but at the moment everyday is feeling a bit like that horrible Sunday before the first day back at school, leaving the summer behind for the long winter months.  It’s inevitable and unavoidable but rather than wince at the thought of it, there are lots of foodie treats to look forward to with fantastic harvest feasts to embrace and enjoy.  However before all that, and while they are still very much in season, I have been making the most of summer berries with this, what I like to think of as a fairly exciting recipe, which makes the most amazing dessert to wow your guests with.  Like most recipes I write, this one is of course adaptable and you could add a little bit of ricotta cheese if you really wanted to add to the authenticity of it being a pizza recipe, or the addition of some chopped hazelnuts would sit quite happily on top.  Whatever additions you decide on, it’s the balance of white chocolate and berries that always get me excited and you’ve never tried it, this is definitely a nice first way to give it a go.

Continue to the recipe for Summer Berry Sweet Pizza…

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  • Think berry pizza would work with white chocolate too?  We can trade pizzas now, just made this weekend.  Central American Pizza http://pointeviven.blogspot.com/2011/08/central-american-pizza.html

  • Lovely recipe, and just that bit different.  Will be doing this one, definitely.

  • ohh my goodnesss…..dibble dibble dop dop ( the sound of drool dripping on the keyboard) this looks delicious. I CAN’T wait to try this!!!

    • hahaha! You’ll have to clean up your keyboard first! :)

  • Peasepudding

    Wow, that really is very beautiful

  • Janice Cuevas

    These pictures are so stunning! You’re really talented!

  • Gloria

    Your pizza is fantastic and amazing, Im absolutely in love, I  love berries, I wanna make soon!! gloria

    • defo give it a go and make sure to come back and tell me how you get on! :)

  • That is gorgeous!

  • Wow this is gorgeous!!

  • Zahralol

    holy crap. *-*

  • Just gorgeous!

  • so unique and pretty! I love this idea :)

  • Cookincanuck

    What a beautiful post in every way – the photos, the writing and the recipe.  I’ll definitely be back!

  • This looks amazing, I have some pizza dough in the freezer and I’m going to try this. It’s so straightforward yet so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alexandra Oliveira

    woooooooow, that seems delicious!

  • Amy

    Wow, this looks amazing – both for the eyes and the mouth! :) I can’t wait to give it a try!!!

  • OMG, this looks amazing! Nutella-berry-Pizza… 

  • Julie Anonymous

    This looks too good! 😀 Loving the filling, and makes me wanna have a go at my first sweet pizza 😀