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Bosch Shiny Red Hand Blender Competition!


Bosch Shiny Red Hand Blender Competition!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It’s back by popular demand! A few months ago I had one of these babies up for grabs and it went down a storm! If you haven’t got many kitchen gadgets to your name and you want to start small, a hand blender is one of the best ones to get yourself going. It was one of the first big kitchen buys I ever made and they really do make life so much easier. Being a more lightweight appliance I tend to use it more often than the big clunky ones that hide in my presses. I get a lot of use of mine for smoothies, blending soups, whipping cream and the mini chopper attachment is great to whizz up ingredients for meat marinades!

If you haven’t got one well the good news is that the lovely folks at Bosch have been very generous and I have a very beautiful shiny red hand blender up for grabs right here on the website, on facebook and on twitter! Ooooh shiny! :)  You can head over to twitter and tell me @donalskehan what you would whizz up with your very own hand blender with the hashtag #shinyblender.  Or on facebook by commenting under the picture of the handblender!

To be in with a chance of winning on the blog, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what you would whizz up if you won!

Please note that by entering this competition, you will be signing up for the donalskehan.com newsletter, but if you don’t wish to subscribe, please put “NS” after your answer. Entries will be selected at random and the competition will close on the 7th of June at 8pm. Only one entry per person please!

Good Luck!

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  • Orlaconnery

    I would use it to make fresh pesto because I hate the stuff in jars!!

  • Laura

    I would use this blender for making smoothies in the morning, quick and simple when your in a rush to get out the door for work.

  • Celine Izri

    Hi, Donal
    If I had one of these I would whizz up some lovely sweet strawberries that we have here with cream  for my kids…sure they would love it and then I’ll try with other sort of fruits…but I haven’t got one…;)

  • Ruth

    I’d use it to blend up yummy soups for my weekend hikes in the hills.  Very chunky soup doesn’t work so well in a flash and I much prefer smooth creamy soup anyway.

  • Niall

    It would have to be some serious Guacamole. Lots of garlic and fresh coriander. Then I’d have a big fajita party and invite all my mates. You can bring the beer Donal. Sound.

  • I’d probably get great use ot of the mini chopper attachment for eveing meals, and use the device for soups, very handy :)

  • Ger Boyle

    i would use the blender for blitzing the ingredient for my moroccan lamb tangine

  • Joanne

    Smoothies & milkshakes in the summer (I’ve started experimenting with the wonderful flavours you can get in Shakes) . Nutritious soups in the winter months :)

  • kat

    Soups lots and lots of soups yum

  • I’d use it to wizz up home made soups in winter and smoothies in summer,yumm!

  • Sandra Fawcett

     I would ask that Donal Skehan guy to come over to my place and use it for me.

  • Alison

    I would whizz up some fluffy American pancakes on lazy Sunday mornings, mouth watering marinades for the barbeque, decadent cocktails on sunny summer evenings and warming soups on rainy ones!  My hand blender broke recently – I can honestly say it was one of the most useful pieces of kitchen equipment I have ever owned – so handy for making small quantities.  A large blender just cannot compete.

  • I’d definately blitz up some marinade for Mediterranean Spatchcock Chicken. My favourite recipe so far from your latest book :)

  • Bob

    Fresh tomato soup! Smoothies!  Baby food :-)

  • Alison

    I would make Garlic chicken. Our blender is broken and we only have a smoothie maker so the breadcumbs is almost impossible 😛 

  • Jamie Carpenter

    I would use this blender to make a creamy leek and potato soup or a mouth watering pavalova with fresh berries.

  • Deirdre Wyvern

    I would make some of my ginger and balsamic vinegar salad dressing… yummy stuff and goes down well with my husband!

  • Una

    I would start up my own business making baby food. This blender would mix the food so smoothly to create the perfect lump-free consistency for babies to enjoy. I would name it “Bosch Babies”  and all the grateful mothers would immediately rush out to buy this hand blender, along with Donal Skehans cook books!

  • I would make a refreshing tomato and basil soup simple but tasty!

  • Anonymous

    This is not a blender, it is a stand-out piece of kit that would my other kitchen gadgets blush the same shade of red with embarrassment! I would blend smoothies, make soups and bosch anything that needs a good bosching!

  • Ruthie L

    Well, having bought your book last week my hubbie decided to do your roast chicken on Sunday. Had a few pals over with their little ones so we lashed away getting everything ready. 10 mins later curses from the kitchen alerted me to my other half throwing our (admittedly crappy) blender in the bin :( The garlic, thyme and rosemary had to be beaten black and blue in the pestle and mortar….therefore purleeease could I have the shiny, red blender to reduce the stress levels and continue with the successful recreating of your gorgeous recipes??!

  • Anarikats

    A banana + cold milk + a sprinkle of brown mascovado sugar = delicious refreshing banana milk shake
    Fresh basil leaves (loads) + pecorino cheese + some parmesan + pine nuts + some pecan nuts + olive oil + some cream cheese (or a couple of spoons of creme fraiche’, to make the mixture more creamy and consistent) = my signature home made pesto

  • Diana Devlin

    Hi Donal! I love your show! I’ve only recently discovered how much I enjoy cooking.  I don’t have a blender or mixer of any sort but I’d love to use the Bosch one above (its gorgeous) to make the Thai Fish cakes you made (I plan on making that whole menu actually! those noodles looked amazing!) Fish is something I wouldn’t normally touch but you made it look so easy! AND tasty. Proper good home cooked food. :)

  • Liana Drummond

    Some nice hoummous, seasoned to my taste!

  • Olive O’Donnell

    given the glorious sunshine coming our way this weekend it would be put to use by making magic mojitos, scrummy salad dressings and whipping up cream for strawberries! nom nom nom 

  • Leslie

    Smoothies and Shakes.

  • Anne O Carroll


  • Clairenolan86

    I would use the blender to make soups, sauces and your thai fish cakes!

  • Rcarrick

    I would whiz up my currently non existant cooking skills!!

  • Anne O Carroll

    I would use it for Smoothies soups and anything else i could use it for and my favourite colour is red never had one before so i would be well sorted if i won.

  • Julsathome

    I think I’d make some nice hummous and guacomole.  But then I’d need to blend a nice coctail to go with the food, so something involving crushed ice, tequila, citrus and maybe some fruit.  I’d be so excited if I won it, I’d say my family would get their dinners baby-food style for a week! Who needs teeth when you’ve got a good hand blender??? Lol.

  • I would use it for Soups Smoothies and any thing else i could use it for i never had one and red is my favourite colour so if i win i will be sorted,

  • I would use this blender for Soups Smotties and anything else i could use it for i never had one red is my favourtite colour so if i win i will be sorted. Anne

  • I would use it for Soups smoothies Shakes and anything else i could use it for i never had one and red is my favourite colour so if i win i will be sorted. Anne

  • Anne C.

    My super fast stir-through pasta sauces: 1. parmesan, garlic, cream, oregano, S&P 2. walnuts, nutmeg, cream, cinnamon, olive oil, white wine, S&P 3.ricotta, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, S&P

  • Orlaoshea

    Hi Donal, I would whip up a storm in the kitchen with one of these babies!! I’m ADDICTED to your new show!!!! You’ve inspired me to be a domestic goddess! I made a fab white choc cheesecake last weekend and this weekend will try your chocolate brownies!!! Please please let me win!!!

  • If I won this fabulous little hand held piece of equipment, I would leave my current job and become a professional blender with my own blending company. I would probably call it Sarah’s Blending Emporium. I would take contracts from Hellmanns, Ballymaloe etc. and blend all of their dressings and sauces. Within a year I would plan to have at least a 70% market share in all Irish blending activites. I just know the Bosch is that good. If that doesn’t work out, I’d probably just blend up some nice dressings for fabulous Summer Salads. I’d also like to win because I like red. And the blender’s red. It will be red, won’t it?

  • Gerard Brett

     A  nice thick carrot and corriander soup.

  • Zita

    I would blend avocados to make creamy avocado ice cream! Yum!

  • JackH

    Hi Donal, I would use the blender for soups, smoothies, juices – but first, if I won, I would use it to make the mini lemon meringues from Food Hero. BTW – it was great seeing you today at Bloom, and thanks for helping me with my “lumpy flour” in the red wine gravy query! :-) All the best & happy cooking. JackH

  • Svetlana P

    I would use it to make yummy soups in the winter, lovely meat marinades for BBQ and smoothies in the summer !

  • Orlabrowne

    soups and marinades :)

  • Elle

    Falafel, and hummus washed down with several strawberry daquiri’s :) 

  • Kristin

    At this time of year, I’d whizz up some homemade pesto – my windowsill is full of basil plants!

  • Sophie Kelly

    A lovely homemade pesto sauce. 

  • Conorholohan

    I would make a smoked salmon pate with a home made chive mayonnaise. The blender would be perfect to blend everything and make a smooth pate :-)

  • Mary G

    my homemade tomato and basil soup –  carrot, celery, onion, garlic, chopped tomatoes – cook and give it a whiz with the blender – stir in some cream and chopped basil – yummy mcyum!!! or my brothers famous parsnip and ginger soup :) 

  • Noelle

    I’d make the wonderful mushroom soup my sister gave me a recipe for…mmm,I’m hungry just thinking of it…

  • Grainne

    Hummous! Id whizz up chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, oilve oil and season….then maybe some sundried tomatoes and basil for an extra bit of whizzing! :)

  • jc

    Your wholesome vegetable soup,my favourite kind of soup,havent been able to make it for ages as my dad “borrowed” my blender a few months ago,and now I feel bad about asking for it back cause he uses it so much lol

  • Orla

    soups & sauces, maybe some cream… :-)

  • Orlaoshea

    very disappointed i didn’t win the last one!!! if i win the blender this time i would make butternut squash soup with ginger or chocolate cake with coconut buttercream icing mmmmm

  • Sophie

    pesto sauce, smoothies, cream, soup, pasta sauces, etc, etc…

  • Noelle

    I would use it to make a wonderful mushroom soup my sister gave me the recipe for…Mmmmm,I’m hungry just thinking about it..

  • Aishwarya Moni

    I would make soups, thai yellow curry pastes, sun-dried tomato pesto, and lots of indian marinades :)

  • Nikita B

    Definitely the Thai fish cakes you made on Kitchen Hero. Dying to try them out!
    I can’t wait to make a full 3 course meal for my friends and family! Have already made two types of chunky soups the last week, would love to try a smooth version. Speaking of smooth, I’d make smoothies with the blender also! :)

  • CarolineoD

    I’d definitely use it to whip up some cream to go with all the lovely deserts you keep unfortuneatley making… then some heathly smoothies in the morning to make me feel a bit better about all the backside-building cream the night before…

  • Aoife

    Whatever you recommend to me? *smiles sweetly* :)

  • Maria H.

    Hi Donal, I am a big fan of Italian cuisine, so I would definately prepare a nice homemade pesto

  • paul.b

    summer cocktails for  parties with friends!!

  • Aoife

    oh and because I need the whisk attachment because I’ve started baking and my arm is getting sore- cakes, cupcakes, you name it! And I like red, it’s so shiny….pick me :)

  • SandeeC

    I’d whizzy up a asian noodle dressing – onion, lime juice, chilli pepper, soy sauce, fish sauce, honey, sesame oil, fresh coriander (my fav ingredients) blitz together and pour over cooked/fresh noodles…..great for bbqs (whenever we get this promised heatwave) or just with grilled chicken nyom

  • Grilling season is here and one of our favourite things to whizzzzz up is marinades!! We have a game called ‘Name the herb garden ingredients’–the whizzerupper randomly selects herbs from the gardens to include in the marinade & the other has to guess. Loser cleans up! You’d be surprised at the delicious combos at rather unexpected parings!–our herb garden is rather large at the moment.  Bonne chance to moi! :)

  • Orla Mullally

    I make all my own soups but always use my liquidizer so a hand blender would be so handy.  I could use it for the soups, for chopping herbs, blitzing marinades, great for smoothies too.  It would get plenty of use in this kitchen as I do alot of home cooking.  Have to say one of the advantages to being unemployed at the moment, got back into my kitchen and am cooking up a storm.  Jams, preserves, cakes and breads, soups, dips.  You name it I have tried it.  Love your site and your recipes.

  • Maria H.

    I am a big fan of Italian cuisine, so I would definately prepare a nice home made pesto. As alternative or as my second dish I would love to try my own butternut squash soup.

  • Anna Karellas

    I’d whisk up some soups, blend up some sauces, chop up my garden grown herbs, but mostly I’d get lost with my kitchen hero and the endless possibilities!!   

  • Dee

    Would LOVE the blender to make lovely salsa to go on the yummy quesadillas you have me addicted too at the moment :-)

  • Anonymous

    Well Donal
    To start i would make your unbelieveable zingy Thai fishcakes, well they look unreal but I couldn’t make them yet cause I dont have a hand blender :'( . Then I would make the worlds best vegetable soup that my friends dad gave me the receipe for.Then to wash it all down and just to add something sweet I would make a chocolate and peanut-butter smoothie (mmmmmm).Ya thats what I would whizz up anyway :)

  • Kate

    Not a clue BUT I’d watch “Kichen Hero” on RTE1 to get new recipe ideas ;-}

  • Annababula

    I will make delicious baby food for my  4 months son! he loves sweet potato and carrot soup! As for me I’m addicted to smoothies, yummy!

  • Val H

    Firstly I could bin my 19 year old antique hand blender! Then mix up summer fruits smoothie for the kids!

  • Tess

    i like to win this for my mum so she can make me veg soup and meringues!! 

  • claire dennehy

    id give it to my sister as a she has an old hand blender which can only do so much,you need the other bits to do other things like making breadcrumbs,chopping herbs etc

  • Has a winner been picked yet?

    • Hi, I’m out of the office until 10 August 2011 and will reply to any emails on my return.

  • Nicole

    I would make anything and everything !  Maybe your thai fish cakes?  or some salsa to go with your cheesy tortillas :) Lovin your book btw :)

  • Eileen Lee

    It would help me to whizz up the cream for your gorgeous crunchie sticky banoffee pie i made last week… I have to say the feedback i got was that it was worth every calorie :) 
    ha ha

    • Hi, I’m out of the office until 10 August 2011 and will reply to any emails on my return.

  • Deeruby

    After 9 months on maternity leave I would make super dooper smoothies & soups to brighten up my days as I return to work leaving my 2 beautiful girls behind :(