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Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook!


Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ever heard of Annabel Langbein? No? Well neither had I up until a few months ago.  While I was cooking away in the kitchen with Good Food channel on in the background, a soft New Zealand accent came from the tellybox and I was intrigued.  I sat down and watched the entire program and that was all it took for me to be totally taken in by this free range cook from New Zealand!  The program was full of beautiful scenery and most importantly lots of simple, fresh homecooking. A quick trip to google allowed me to see that she had a new book which I finally have in my hands and I can honestly say it’s fantastic.

While we might not have heard much of her this side of the world, Annabel is New Zealand’s best loved food writer who has 17 cookbooks to her name.  What really drew me to her is her love of fresh ingredients and how she uses them to produce simple but what look like delicious meals!  There is a fantastic relaxed, breezy and effortless feel to the recipe’s and how Annabel presents them, that combined with the beautiful and inspirational photography, is the sole reason I haven’t put the book down since it came through the door.

The book is divided up into chapters including, From the Oven, From the Garden, From the Farm, From the Larder which are packed with recipes like Sweet Apricot Breakfast Bread, Crispy Pork Belly, and Crayfish Caesar Salad, which are all just totally drool worthy!  As you can probably tell I’m impressed and I wanted to share the love so there is three copies up for grabs, you can enter on facebook, twitter and right here on the competition section on the blog.

Continue to the recipe for Fragrant Seafood Bowl…

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  • kat

    got to be a crispy duck salad with mango. its easy delicious and summery :)

  • Catherine J

    Anything on the barbecue, chicken, burgers, fish…..yum :)

  • Vietnamese minced pork and Lemongrass patties with a hot chilli dipping sauce, a lovely  simple one from Ballymaloe that is great on the Bar-B-Q.  It’s in the “Cookery Course” cookbook if anyone’s interested.  Yum!

  • Caroline Hennessy@Bibliocook

    Love Annabel Langbein – my Kiwi family make sure I’m kept up to date with all the latest cookbooks in NZ and I’ve really enjoyed cooking from Eat Fresh, her seasonal cookbook. 
    Favourite thing to eat outside, Lemon and Marjoram Chicken on the barbeque, but it’s gotta be thighs!

  • Emma

    I love cooking whole sea bass, stuffed with chilli, basil, parsley and lemon on the BBQ

  • Anna

    My childrens favourite food cooked  when we are camping is  eggs on a raft cut a circle out of bread lightly toast, put it in frying pan and break an egg into the centre and cook for about 5 min

  • Mary D

    Has to be Kebabs all sorts with fresh salad from the garden…and something nice and cold to wash it all down! Now all we need is the weather!

  • Has to be a steak sandwich cooked on the barbecue, signifies summer is here, its the ultimate comfort food too perfect for relaxing in the Summer sun!!

  • Sinead Fox

    Veggie skewers on the BBQ yum.

  • OliviaK

    Love to cook banana’s and cinnamon on bbq! Serve with creme fraiche!

  • Junko Hamilton

    any whole fish with good quality of salt or soysorce.

  • Bwilsonfoster

    Love this book! I was given it for Christmas – perfect for the middle of summer here in New Zealand. Everything I’ve tried comes out beautifully, looks fantastic and even the kids eat it – highly recommend the Turkish Lavosh and crusty flat bread…