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  • Max couldn't get enough of the water this morning! Half the beach is now in our hall! :) #maxthedog #howth #ireland
  • Having just spent the whole morning here! Such a beautiful day out there- great sunshine! Happy Sunday folks! :) #howth #ireland
  • Nutella cheesecake squares! New recipe video on my youtube channel feat. Romina from @thechiappas! Head over and subscribe! :)
  • Called in to my grandparents this morning- Caught my granny in the middle of making Irish soda bread...
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  • What a morning out there! Nearly the WEEKEND! Woohoo- have a great day everyone! :) #ireland #howth
  • Horrible day out there but guess doesn't care! WALK! :) #maxthedog
  • Have seriously missed hanging out with this little fella! So good to be back home! :) #maxthedog
  • My favourite recipe from filming today: these tasty Thai Fishcakes- incredibly easy to make and bloomin delish to boot! :) #thailand #streetfood #love
  • Beer batter fish and crispy hasselback potatoes on set today! Coming to my youtube channel soon- hands up who wants some! :)
  • Gone fishing... #howth #ireland
  • Properly epic morning out there! Happy weekend folks! :) #ireland #howth
  • Tandoori chicken using bloody brilliant spices from @greensaffron served with aged basmati rice! Loving being back in my kitchen! :)
  • Oh boy! It is good to be home! #ireland #howth #love
  • Beer and candied bacon cookies! Sounds a bit mad but so delicious! :) #bacon #cookies
  • Spent the afternoon cooking in @jamieoliver's kitchen with Jonny from the Craft @beerchannel! Don't worry Jamie we didn't make too much mess! :)
  • I am in cheesecake heaven! Check out @eric_lanlard's epic red velvet cheesecake! :) #love
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Skoff Pies Skoop a Great Taste Award…

SKOFF Pie Pack Shots_14

Exciting times at Skoff Pies HQ! I’ve just heard that we have scooped a Great Taste Award for our Chicken & Ham and Beef and Stout pies and I couldn’t be happier!  We’ve had such great support for the pies since they were launched in the Spring and with more flavours being added to the range later this year, this has been such a great reward for all the hard work that goes in to making them.

The Great Taste Awards are one of the world’s largest and most respected blind-tasted food & drink awards and it receives thousands upon thousands of entries every year, all hoping to bag a coveted award. The awards are organised by The Guild of Fine Food and are judged by hundreds of food experts and the best of the best in the business. From food critics and writers to artisan producers and buyers, they all blind test the products, give their expert feedback and award the winners.

The black and gold Great Taste award represents hard work, quality and a superior tasting product and we are so proud to be able to add it to our Skoff Pie boxes! We couldn’t have done it without all of you Skoffers buying the pies, sending on feedback and helping to spread the word about our pies so we wanted to say a big thank you to you all… and keep Skoffing!  Head over to the website to find out more about them.

SKOFF Pie Pack Shots_26

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Al Fresco Eating with Little Piggy…

FEAST Final Meal_58

Last year, our FEAST team were very lucky to be able to collaborate with the very talented Cathy of Little Piggy Vintage Hire. She worked alongside us, styling our Summer Feast on the grounds of Howth Castle. Boy oh boy did Cathy blow us away with her beautiful outdoor dining creations so with a few weeks left of summer to enjoy, I thought no better woman then herself to share her hints and tips for stylish al fresco entertaining.

FEAST Profile Shot

When it comes to styling my garden for summer or any time of year for that matter, I am an absolute maximalist at heart. The term “less is more” hurts my ears! Spending time in the garden and dining al fresco doesn’t have to mean acrylic tables & chairs, plastic cutlery and paper napkins – get out there and explore the hidden treasures that comes from hunting at car boot sales, flea markets, auctions rooms and charity shops. I insist on collecting pieces from many different eras and mixing them all together for a very different heirloom look and feel. So now that the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air mixed with the delicious scent trails of sizzling bbqs… it’s time to take yourself outdoors!

FEAST Final Meal_61 (1)

1. Bounties of Bunting…

Yes I’m obsessed and have a pattern for every occasion. Nothing shout’s cottage garden and summer fete quite like some cheery bunting. Drape it from trees,fences, bushes and you’ll transform your garden instantly!

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The Irish Kitchen: Rediscovered…

Muckross Traditional Farms TV_30

It’s the very last episode of Rediscovering the Irish Kitchen on RTÉ One this evening.  It has been such a lovely run during the summer and I’ve had wonderful feedback from people who have thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse back at traditional Irish cooking methods and recipes.  Throughout the series we have covered lots of great Irish traditional recipes and some super retro ones to, you can check them all out here.

Muckross Traditional Farms TV_16

In the final episode of the series I meet Patricia Quinn who worked in Ireland grand houses as a cook.  Up to the 1960s, many people were employed in ‘domestic service’, as cooks, housekeepers and gardeners. Patricia started working in ‘the big house’ aged 16 and the training she received there enabled her to become a professional cook in later life. Patricia spoke to me about her memories of the food she cooked and makes for me, her mothers Blind Stew which recently featured in Darina Allen’s Traditional Irish Cooking book.

Muckross Traditional Farms TV_36

Also on the menu, a traditional Irish sweet treat, the Gur Cake which was incredibly popular, an Irish style omlette using potatoes, bacon and black pudding and I also get the opportunity to learn how to make traditional Irish soda bread cooked over an open fire at Muckross Traditional Farms.  Make sure to tune in tonight at 8.30pm on RTÉ One for the very last episode in the series!



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How to make Swedish Meatballs…

Bord Bia Swedish Meatballs_1

Every year I travel to Sweden at least a handful of times a year.  Sofie’s family live in Gothenburg which gives us good reason.  More recently since I’ve started presenting Mitt Kok on Saturday mornings our visits have become more business orientated but always culminate in some family time. When we visit, a trip to Sofie’s grandparents is always a big part of the experience and Gunvor, Sofie’s granny is permanently about 15 minutes away from putting food on the table.

Considering the recent series Grandma’s Boy I shot in Italy, we thought it would be great fun to shoot a mini episode, Swedish style for my YouTube channel. Gunvor reluctantly agreed, and we decided to make that Swedish classic, meatballs served with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam.  It was so lovely to shoot and even better to eat- you can check out the recipe below and make sure to check out the video above!

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Donal Gunvor Dick

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Irish Food & Retro Recipes…

Muckross Traditional Farms TV_12

We’re coming close to the end of my RTÉ One series which finishes up next week.  I’ve had such lovely feedback on twitter and facebook and I am so thrilled to hear it has brought back some wonderful food memories for many.  In last week’s episode I learned the traditional Irish method of planting potatoes and I got to cook surprisingly delicious cheddar yeast rolls with mashed potato as a key ingredient, in a bastible over an open fire.  While, Marie O’Toole a lifelong member of the Irish Country Women’s Association, spoke about the electrification of Ireland, it’s effects on the Irish home kitchen and the great work of the ICA who continue to promote cooking skills throughout their nationwide network of members.

Mary O'Rourke_1

In this week’s episode I meet former politician and English teacher, Mary O’Rourke, who shared her memories of Theodora FitzGibbon, whose food writing she often used in her classes.  Mary shared fond memories of learning how to cook and in particular a recipe for éclairs from Irish food writer Maura Laverty.  I also try my hand at two wonderful retro recipes, a braised Rabbit Pie and a moist and creamy Black Forest Gateaux.  Make sure to tune in to RTÉ One at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights for more.  Check out the recipes from last weeks and tonights episode below.



{ Potato Yeast Rolls… }

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Irish Food Folk: The Herb Garden…


Cooking in the summer means lots of fresh and vibrant herbs from the garden.  Last summer I got the chance to shoot a piece for FEAST: A Dinner Journal all about summer herbs and one lady in the know is Denise Dunne who invited me to her sweet little cottage in North County Dublin.  In the run up to our next High Summer issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal in a couple of weeks, I wanted to introduce you to Denise…


Denise Dunne grew up in suburban Dublin in Santry in the 1960s but unlike the urban gardens of other homes her parents filled their’s with every imaginable edible plant and some animals too, creating a home-grown paradise in a quiet cul-de-sac. Good food was important to her family and they were practically self- sufficient long before it was fashionable.

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The Pleasures of Theodora…


Between the reprint of Theodora FitzGibbon’s recipes in The Pleasures of the Table, and cooking through her recipes on my RTÉ One show, it has been so wonderful to hear from those with fond memories of one of Ireland’s most important food writers.  Last weekend John Bowman’s Radio One show, focused on radio archives of interviews with Theodora.  A superb insight into her eccentric life and personality.  It makes for brilliant listening and you can find the full piece here at about 12 minutes in.


Theodora’s recipes were the focus of another great Irish food writer’s regular Irish Examiner column last weekend also.  Darina Allen gave a wonderful write up of Theodora’s life and included recipes from the new book which you can find over here.  I’ll be cooking many more Theodora’s recipes in the upcoming episodes of Rediscovering The Irish Kitchen, so make sure to tune in on RTÉ One at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights.


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Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube Family…


WE ARE FAMILY! I GOT ALL MY SISTERS WITH ME! Sing it with me now! Sorry I’m a little excited this morning as I’ve just signed up to Mr. Jamie Oliver’s fantastic FoodTube family! Jamie’s FoodTube is Europe’s largest and fastest growing YouTube channel with nearly one million subscribers in just over a year.  My youtube cooking channel will now be a part of the network which is home to Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall’s River Cottage Food Tube, My Virgin Kitchen’s Barry Lewis, spandex clad DJ BBQ & baking sensation Cupcake Jemma to name just a few.

Since my channel launched 3 months ago I’ve had such great support so a massive thank you to the 60,000 subscribers who have been liking and sharing my recipe videos and spreading the word.  There’s lots coming up on the channel with an extra special collaboration with Jamie’s mentor Gennaro Contaldo this Sunday and great recipes all lined up, so make sure to head over and subscribe! :)

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